Spring “Seasoning”!

Seasonal eating will do your body right!

There is no mistake that these magnificent foods are provided for us when we need them. When eating seasonally you are nourishing yourself with the foods intended for living more in balance and in tune with nature’s rhythms. Foods that are freshly harvested are more alive and packed with nutrients and flavor. Seasonal foods are also typically are more affordable since they are readily available. BONUS!

So it’s time to trade in those heavier cold weather foods for lighter springtime delights! There are so many great choices to incorporate into your meal planning.

Here are a few INSPIRED TO HEALTH’S favorites!



Morel Mushrooms






Fava Beans

Green Beans

Peas – green, sugar snap & snow

For the greatest benefits and freshness find these locally grown whenever possible. This not only helps to support small to midsize local farmers, but the environment as well. If they are not available where you live (or in your own garden!) – keep it clean by choosing organic whenever possible!

It’s always helpful to check the “Dirty Dozen” list! https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/list.php

Lynn Burns

Lynn is an expert Health and Lifestyle Coach. She founded her nutrition and wellness company, LB Inspired LLC, in 2006. She is also the founder of Burns & Partners Celebrity and Professional Health Coach Agency. Burns & Partners LLC creates relationships and partnerships with Corporations, Medical Facilities and Individuals to connect them with their team of specialized Health Coaches. The Agency's mission is to bridge the global health crisis gap and believes that healthy, thriving companies and individuals change everything.

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