Just as what we put in our bodies effects everything, so does what we put ON our bodies! Let’s remember our skin absorbs whatever we put on it. It’s a REALLY scary world out there when it comes to toxins in beauty products! I’ve searched relentlessly for years to find products that are truly safe, effective and that I also love!  Not an easy task.

Enter Beauty Counter – these products are amazing.  It takes A LOT for me to truly believe in and give a product an LB Inspired “thumbs up” – but here I grant a standing ovation!

It’s incredible how many people neglect to realize how harmful ingredients in skin products can be for their health.  Many of us have daily routines and rituals using all sorts of products. Take a pause and think about this. (True?)  It’s so crucial that we increase our awareness and understanding in this area to help protect ourselves and our loved ones in this horrendously, disease-ridden world. There are no guarantees to what we can avoid between genetic and environmental factors. BUT we can certainly do our best with what is in our control by making healthy, smart, informed choices! Changing even just one product at a time can make a difference.

Check out these products here: Beauty Counter

Inspired To Health,

~ Lynn

Lynn Burns

Lynn is an expert Health and Lifestyle Coach. She founded her nutrition and wellness company, LB Inspired LLC, in 2006. She is also the founder of Burns & Partners Celebrity and Professional Health Coach Agency. Burns & Partners LLC creates relationships and partnerships with Corporations, Medical Facilities and Individuals to connect them with their team of specialized Health Coaches. The Agency's mission is to bridge the global health crisis gap and believes that healthy, thriving companies and individuals change everything.

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