I’m honored to be a featured coaching expert giving advice on how to master the business side of coaching! Check out the HEALTH COACH SUCCESS SUMMIT!

The need for quality health coaches continues to rise in America and yet so many coaches are calling it quits after a year or two of trying to build their coaching business.

Here’s the thing…Most of us get into coaching because we want to make a difference. We desire to help people improve their health and their quality of life, but we aren’t prepared for the business side of coaching.

Just like any other business out there, there is a learning curve to creating a successful coaching business. Activity does not necessarily equal productivity. We need to be taking the RIGHT actions in order to succeed.

What are the right actions? Why not find out directly from the successful coaches and entrepreneurs themselves?

I’m honored to be a presenter on the topics of  “Creating More Confidence” and “Coaching Hollywood”. Tune in to help your business THRIVE!

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Inspired To Health ~


Lynn Burns

Lynn is an expert Health and Lifestyle Coach. She founded her nutrition and wellness company, LB Inspired LLC, in 2006. She is also the founder of Burns & Partners Celebrity and Professional Health Coach Agency. Burns & Partners LLC creates relationships and partnerships with Corporations, Medical Facilities and Individuals to connect them with their team of specialized Health Coaches. The Agency's mission is to bridge the global health crisis gap and believes that healthy, thriving companies and individuals change everything.

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